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Who we are

Corey Miller is the Registered Conveyancer and Principal of AP&B Conveyancing. He has over 20 years’ experience in property transactions, having worked for large SA-based law firms and national law firms dealing with property settlements in South Australia and interstate.

Our point of difference is the way we work with you and help you through the conveyancing process. We make sure you understand your obligations under the contract of sale. We look after you before contracts are signed, through the settlement process, but also after the settlement has been completed.

You can rely on your best interest being considered exclusively.  For ethical reasons, we will only act for one party in a sale or purchase property transaction.

It is your right to choose your own conveyancer for your settlement.

We will keep you informed – in the manner you choose – each step of the way.  No stress, we will make it easy!!

Ensuring that you have the right person working with you and towards your specific goal is very important.

For these reasons, we provide a free consultation and written quote, and it provides the opportunity to talk about your specific circumstances and what you want to achieve, so we advise the best way to assist you to achieve your goal.

At the end of the meeting if you feel that we can assist you achieve your goal and you instruct our office to act on your behalf, we can start the conveyancing process, liaising with yourself, your bank, broker, agent and other parties involved in the transaction.

At any time if you have queries or concerns don’t hesitate to contact our office, we are here to assist you in one of the biggest transactions undertaken in your life.

AP&B Conveyancing provides quality service, at a competitive price with a written quotation.

We are a South Australian based conveyancing firm, assisting with:

  • Residential and Commercial Sale/Purchase
  • Private Contracts
  • Form 1 Preparation
  • Matrimonial Transfer
  • Notation of Death
  • Transmission Applications
  • Notation of Marriage
  • Change of Name
  • Family Farm Transfer
  • Application for Land Division.

It is recommended you choose a conveyancer before you sign a contract of sale.

We can advise on the conveyancing process and how best to work with your individual circumstances. When buying a property, we help you work through many important questions to ensure you have in place the correct special conditions protecting you in the purchase process, subject to your specific circumstances. You may need to build in some conditions such as:

  • finance approval
  • building and or pest inspection
  • ‘subject to’ the sale of your current residential home or investment property
  • sufficient time-frame to obtain money from superannuation funds prior to the settlement date.

The entity the property is to be purchased under, individual as joint tenants or tenants in common, company, trust, superannuation fund, corporate trustee.

You have signed the Contract of Sale and received the Form 1 from the agent!! But what is the Form 1 Vendor’s Statement?

This is the disclosure statement provided on behalf of the vendor to the purchaser and is the start of the cooling off period (48 hours – not including weekends).

This can be a large document and confusing to go through.

By contacting our office as soon as the Form 1 Vendor’s Statement is provided, we can assist you to ascertain if any further enquiries with government departments or third parties is required. This can potentially prevent future issues with the property when going to sell, build or subdivide the land.

When the cooling off period has expired, you are bound to the contract of sale, subject to any other special conditions, such as finance approval or sale of your property.

Choose your Conveyancer prior to selling to ensure you make enquiries relevant to your circumstances.

We can help make this simple. We’ll work through all the possible scenarios to ensure nothing is forgotten when you are preparing to sell. Some key aspects to consider are:

  • Do you have a mortgage to be discharged at settlement?
  • How long will the bank take to organise the discharge?
  • Do you have other parties involved such as the requirement for a withdrawal of caveat?
  • Do you have multiple properties secured by one bank, a longer settlement date may be needed to allow for valuations to be obtained?
  • Have vendor works been agreed to prior to the settlement date?
  • Are you purchasing another property and have a same day settlement for your purchase, will this be possible?

By clarifying all of this upfront, the whole process of selling your property will be more relaxed and you will have more control of the situation.

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